Glenn currently works out of 2 recording facilities.

Studio 1 is a small production, mixing and tracking space with great mic’s and preamps. Please contact for location.

Pro Tools, Logic,  Ableton and all major plugin software is available.

Glenn is also well versed in Native Instruments software and programs using Maschine Studio.

The larger full room facility is located on 23rd street in Manhattan.

This room holds a full band for tracking and also has great gear for sessions including all of the above as well as GMS

drums and many amps to choose from.

There will be a new full sized recording studio built by the end of 2014 which will accommodate full band recording

and mixing. The studio will be called Studio G2.

We are very happy to have Neumann, Shure, Royer, AKG and Beesneez microphones.

We also have Great River, API, UA and ART pre amps as well as UA, BAE, and Empirical Labs Compressors as well as a stereo SSL G Channel for our mix bus.

We run everything through Apogee converters, Dangerous Audio Monitoring and our Bittree Patchbay using custom made Mogami/Neutrik wiring custom made by Redco Wiring in Connecticut.

Our speakers are KRK VXT6.

We run a 12 core Mac Tower for Max power utilizing all of the major brand plugins, Maschine 2.0, Pro Tools 10, Logic 9 and Ableton Live 9 Suite.